How do I offer a private discount for my buyers?

You can now offer buyers a private discount that only they will see in a Posh Bundle! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: On the web, a list of all your Bundles can be found by clicking the Bundle icon at the top of any page. On the app, go to your Closet or Boutique and tap the Bundle icon in the top right hand corner.
Step 2: Select a Bundle where the buyer has at least one listing.
Step 3: In the Bundle, tap the Offer button.
Step 4: Enter the price you wish to offer this buyer and select Submit.

Your private discounted offer will expire after 24 hours if the buyer does not reply.

If accepted, the order will process immediately and you will receive a confirmation email along with the shipping label.

If the buyer chooses to counteroffer, you will receive a notification and can continue to negotiate.


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